Friday, July 22, 2011

The Precise Q-tip countdown...

When Stacia and I got married, we moved her out of her apartment and into the little white house.  When we combined our stuff, I noticed one thing.  We would never run out of Q-tips.  We had three packages full of 750 soft ear mops each for our cleaning pleasure.  Fast forward from January 2010 to July 2011.  Today was our last day in the white house.  Last week we moved our furniture and other stuff to the storage unit.  We had reaped the benefit of living in a church house, experiencing staff and other volunteers coming to help clean out, trash out, and prepare the house for its next tenants.  However, I noticed one thing this morning.  Our once abundant cash of q-tips was now a small pile of 15.  Stacia and I were finishing up in the bathroom, cleaning out the rest of the stuff so I took the remaining 15 and placed them into a sandwich bag, and into one of our many tubs that is going to HK.

When I think about the q-tips, I think about how God gives us timers.  Sometimes they are evident, and other times they are not.  When we moved Stacia into the white house, I was dumbfounded by the amount of q-tips in our house, not knowing that it was our timer.  So many people question God's timing.  Why are we moving now? Why did they die then?  Why was his job eliminated?  We want to control God's time.   We have a want to be God and hold onto that hourglass of life and keep it running full.  But that's the unfortunate part, we are not God.

Our timing sucks.  Period.  Let's just get that out of the way right now.

God knew that tomorrow, July 23, 2011 we would be changing everything, and moving our entire existance to Hong Kong to serve him.  Did I know that when I saw the abundance of Q-tips coming into that little white house?  Nope.  But now that I am sitting here in an airport hotel, preparing for a new adventure, I smile.  God's timing is so great, and to be able to fully trust in that timing is the most freeing feeling one can experience.

The next post that comes from me will be from HK!

Be Blessed

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