Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hong Kong...Welcome Home!

Okay people!  Here we are, one week in from arriving in HK.  

-things would be new
-things would be different
-we will eat a lot of rice
-we are going to meet new people
-it's going to be hot
-we are not in parker any more

-things are very new and very cool
-things are very different (working for a school rather than a church is VERY different!)
-we have eaten a lot of rice and noodles, so much that when we at american food, we kind of got an upset stomach
-we have met a great group of people, we have made some great friends and look forward to the new relationships
-it is very hot and humid, but getting nicer each day
-we are for sure not in parker any more and that is and okay thing

Overall, this past week has been one of orientation to the new apartment, the new job, the new town, the new city, and the new culture.  It has been an interesting ride so far, filled with the ups and downs both emotionally and physically...and it's not done yet. This is a great place, a holy place, where God is doing amazing things.  This school is centered completely on Christ's love and teaching. Student's don't have to be christians when they enter this place.  Some don't become Christians while they are here, but they are at least having the seed planted.  

I am (and we are as a couple) in a place right now of transition, learning everything new, trying not to forget where we came from.  It is a strange chaos to be in.  I refer to it as chaos because when you are in chaos at one moment you feel out of control, and in the next you are at total peace.   I know, at the end of this path of chaos is my God, cheering me on, reaching his hand out to me.  Like Peter, when he stepped out of the boat to walk on water toward's Jesus, it will be very VERY easy to look at the waves around me, but with the support of my beautiful wife, and the reminder to stay centered and focused on Christ, I know that I will be able to grow and accept this place as my own.

Prayer request:  That in the next week, my comfort level in becoming a teacher becomes better.  It's so crazy how much teachers do, and how much different Pastoring and Teaching is...on the other hand, they are SO similar, I am feeling at home in this new place in that sense.  Who needs curriculum right!?! :)

All for now, hopefully our internet and cell phones (iphone 4 by the way) will be up and we will be able to frequent Facebook and email better.  My prayers are with our family and friends in the states, can't wait to Skype soon!


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