Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let's dust off this blog and let the people know what's going on!

Good morning, all!  Let me apologize for not being more of a blogger!  I have been absent for a while, taking a slight break trying to reassemble my jumbled brain.  Now I am coming to you rejumbled and excited to be a couple of things: a resident of Hong Kong, China, the proud holder of a Hong Kong ID card, and the biggest fan of BBQ Steamed Pork Buns!  Anyway, we were looking at one of our cameras, and it seems that the lost archives of the past month and a half have been found! So come with me on a journey as we revisit how we got to this point!
 Here is the last sunset we viewed from the little White house at PEPC.  It was always my favorite in late June and July because the field was lush and green and the thunder storms were always amazing to watch from the deck!
 Goodbye White House!
 On the plane to Hong Kong from San Francisco.  We had found out prior to our departure that our new friend Lauren Waymire would be on the same flight!  Low and behold God is good and she was one seat behind us! We were able to trade with the person next to us and have Lauren join our little band of hooligans! 
 WE MADE IT! Kinda.  Step one.  Find all 8 bags.  IF they don't make it, what do we need to go buy?  Thankfully, all bags were accounted for and we could check that step off our list!
 Here is my beautiful bride after our 14 hour plane ride, looking as beautiful as ever!
 I on the other hand, needed to stretch out.  In a grip of thankfulness, I laid myself at the mercy of the Lord on our altar of luggage, and prayed for energy as we tried to cart all of our stuff out of the airport!
 Not only were we new to Hong Kong.  But 11 other families as well!  We packed out the bus!
 Welcome home, 703, so close to the beginning of our new lives!
 Except the key hasn't arrived yet, so we sit in the hallway!
 As you can see from this picture we did make it into our apartment and this is our first morning after our travels. 
 Our kitchen, complete with cook top (on the right hand side) and our oven/microwave/steamer (in the middle)
 Our bathroom, great size, warm seat (my wife is currently frowning at the thought that I would include this detail...)
 Our bedroom after the first night pre-Ikea trip.  Let's call it cozy, but we love it.

 On the bus to IKEA, the bank, and other wonders of our new home!
 Mall number 1.  Known as New Town Plaza.  Did you know, it is possible to travel hundreds of miles in Hong Kong, going shopping, groceries, sporting goods, clothes, etc. and never go outside!?  Nuts.
 Yum Yum Dim Sum! 
 Steamed buns, tea, and greens, really good!
 Some of our new colleges and friends.  From right to left, Wanda, Daniel, Sophia, and Rachel
 Welcome to the MTR.  Our primary form of transportation.  Or is it more like Cattle shoots?
 I WANT TO BE PART OF THE LEGEND! if only i knew Chinese and could read how :(
 This is our school and our home.  Who knew that we could live closer to our jobs than the white house!  We are on the 7th floor, my room is on the 4th, Stacia's is on the 3rd.
 The Shek Mun MTR station.  If you find yourselves in Hong Kong and can make it to this station, you are almost to our place!
 My wife, excited about her first kitchen purchase from the Japanese Home Store!
 Our first dinner at home with a little tv on the computer.  Since then we have gotten cable tv, an hdmi cable to plug our computer into our tv, and we have rearranged the living room as well!

Our mighty score of $3 dvd's.  Love it!
Here is our new view of the sun rise.  Thank you for welcoming us home Lord.  We love you!

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  1. Very exciting, especially the warmed seat...something we need here in CO!