Monday, March 7, 2011

A weekend to reflect and prepare...

What a great weekend it was!  Stacia and I were able to go to Glenwood Springs and enjoy the hot springs and the small mountain town.  We needed it!  Since we arrived back from China in January and told everyone our plans to move, we have not stopped.  Winter camps, school projects, tests, CSAPs, planning meetings, and so much more have been pulling us in different directions we didn't have a chance to relax just the two of us. 

As we spent time enjoying the hot springs, going on a day trip to walk around Aspen, and eating at random restaurants throughout the town, we got back into the discussions of what is coming...the move!

It can be an overwhelming feat what we are about to do, but we know that God has a great plan for us and that we are going to be embarking on something that will bring us closer to Him!  We talked about some of the things we are going to miss when we move over there (one being Chipotle!) and the stuff we are looking forward to (like living near a beach!). 

We also started to look at the next 4 months and preliminarily plan how we will be attacking this moving beast.  Spring break is our starting point, with the end of May being our goal date.  End of May?  You don't leave until July!?  The point of that is June and July are quickly becoming more packed than we had ever thought and we want to have all of the moving stuff that we can done by May so that in July we can enjoy family and friends before we leave. 

I am excited about this move.  I am excited to taste new foods, to experience a new culture, to worship Jesus in a different place, to see how He wants Stacia and I to serve him as we are over there, and most of all I am excited about growing closer with my wife.

I know that without a doubt Stacia and I are #1 supposed to be together and #2 are supposed to go on this journey with each other.  We perfectly complement each other in every way and I find as I sit here and write this blog that I am falling more and more in love with her.  The beautiful part is that my reasons for loving her are ours, but the purpose of our love and our marriage is one glorify God as we walk together on this Journey!

God is so good and I wish that I had better words to express my excitment for that!

Be Blessed